ron is the best character in bob’s burgers i want a ron centered episode pls

i can’t sleep without bob’s burgers

oh yeah also i had 2 nice dreams
in one of them i was at snl and justin timberlake was performing and he was singing motherlover bc why not??? anyway when it was over i went to him and asked for a hug and he hugged me for a long time and that was so so so so nice
the other one, it was me with a bunch of other fans just casually hanging out with beyoncé and she was talking about how she and jay wanted to get some vacations but they didn’t know where to go and i said “well… you know brazil’s great” and she was like hell yeah but kinda “i don’t know if we’ll be able to find a hotel so quickly” and i was like “are you kidding me? if you called any hotel asking for a room they’d kick the president out just to have you there” and she kinda blushed and laughed anD THAT WAS SO ADORABLE SOMEONE MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE PLE AS E


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