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"Yeah, yeah, sure sure. Menace-menace."
Hawkeye #020

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Anthony Mackie | Black and White TIFF Press Conference {x}

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i think this icon is… um different but i wanted to try something new so yay i kinda like it i guess also for the first time i have a header

October feels like the home sweet home of all the months. The moment the calendar reaches October 1st I get this warm and cozy feeling that lasts for 31 glorious days. I absolutely love it.

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If he called you tomorrow and said, ‘I made a terrible mistake; we must get back together and get married’ you would do it.”

I… I don’t know. I don’t know.”

today is michael bublé’s concert in rio and guess who’s going???

yeah not me

Tina Fey at the “This Is Where I Leave You” premiere in LA

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The best thing about Bill Hader hosting SNL:


He’s hosting on October 11th. October 11th is the exact day that the show premiered. Bill Hader will be standing on home base in 8H doing his monologue live exactly 40 years after the show was done for the first time.  That just blows my mind and warms my heart


Girls don’t want boys girls want good storylines, canon otps, and their favorite female characters to get what they deserve